Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Don't Need It Now--Part 4 (Same Song, Third Verse)

As I've stated previously, I've been working through Psalm 119, preaching a message around each "stanza." The Psalms fascinate me on many levels. They are song lyrics written by God. Music is a huge part of my life. I don't have a lick of musical ability to my name, but I love listening. The Psalms remind me that music was created specifically by God, and He created men to enjoy music. I would also submit that He created mankind to learn through music in a manner specific to the art form itself.  Lyric and melody twined together uniquely imprints itself on our brain. 

In Psalm 119, the theme of the Law itself forms the foundation for everything else. While the writer is specifically referring to the Decalogue, it is understood that we may consider all of God's revelation in the same manner.

One of the themes that keeps repeating itself is the need for God to teach us what His Word is saying. Of course, the Psalmist is not speaking of a supernatural work that mystically implants word definitions, and paradigms, but rather a work of God that illumines the believer as to how God's Word applies. We see him declare this in verse 12 (teach me your statutes!), verse 18 (Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law), verse 26-27, 33, 66, 73, 108 and 124. The point is made again and again: the psalmist continues to ask God to open up his eyes to the changes the Law should be having on his life. Please note that this was supposed to be sung. 

To engage in meaningful, Biblical repetition is to embrace humility. It is to admit that you are "not" going to get it the first time, no matter what. The psalmist continues to remind God (or himself rather) that he needs to be taught, or else he would believe that great lie, "I've got it now." He knows that he would forget that truth, or be convinced of its irrelevance. So he brings it up again and again. He wraps it up into the words of a song, so that melody may mix with Word and thus implant itself in a way that is easily remembered. On a side note, we may learn some spiritual truth at some point in our life, but as someone wise once said, "We are leaky vessels." Truth leaks out of us. It needs to be refilled. 

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Mike Weaks said...

Yes you are correct, we leak...as you say, I love you man...you are a blessing...